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When it's time to get serious, it's time to call Gene deBullet!

The practice of law is often an art form; it’s made up of experience, common logic, reason and knowledge of the written law.  When you are in need of a lawyer, whether it is for criminal, personal injury, or family matters, hiring an experienced attorney with a successful track record will assure that you receive the best representation possible.

My mission and practice for the last 43 plus years has always been to help families and their children, provide defense to those accused of crimes and seek compensation for those who have been injured due to acts of negligence.  When you hire Gene deBullet as your attorney, I will do everything according to the law to make certain that you are represented to reach the most favorable outcome.

My practice is general in nature, and I will not take a case if I don’t feel a comfort level according to the facts of the matter.  The attorney and client have a joint responsibility to the case.  The client must be honest and not withhold bad faith facts to ensure the best possible result.

A client needs to remember that he/she “owns”  the right to a privileged communication with his/her attorney; only the client can give that away.  Confidentiality is extremely important and necessary when dealing with attorneys.  For this reason I prefer family members or friends refrain from inquiries concerning a client’s case.

Fees are based on time and expertise.  Retainers are an estimate/down payment based on the case as you have described.  There are at least two versions of each case, and an experienced attorney will obtain the opposing side of the issues as soon as possible.

The best way to win a case is to present the positives and down play any negatives that are a part of the scenario.  You become a valid role player and should follow all the ideas and suggestions recommended by your lawyer.  You pay the attorney for his advice and you, as the client, should accept it.  Good facts win lawsuits.

I will work diligently and to the best of my ability to obtain a good client-attorney relationship.  I will be attentive, objective, and conscientious on your behalf.  Each of us should prioritize the time necessary in order for the relationship to work at its best.

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